Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fabric ~ colours, brightness and beauty

my friend and I went to a fabric store 
that sells fabric for quilts.

My Quilting Friend has made various quilts and 
I sent her the link of the quilt I want to make...

I am learning various sewing words,
like cloth off the bolt of fabric,
like these pictures above...

I also learned that there are charm packs,
which are pieces of cloth cut to the size
of square I want for this quilt.
The two rainbow stacks of fabric are these.

The mini scrolls of fabric are called 
'fat quarters'....

I went with the colours of the pattern I am using,
and had such fun seeing all the possibilities
for beautiful squares for this 
colourful patchwork quilt...
we focused on pink, reds, orange, yellows and white,
often with the other 4 colours included as
a shape, often of a flower...

My friend ensured that I did not get
fabrics that, in her words,
would 'swear at each other' ;)

The ladies at the shop cut these very quickly...

See the big section of fabric with the deep
pink roses? 
That's for the back of the quilt!
I just love it.

I actually have enough fabric here to make two
of these quilts.

I love all these fabrics and today, D.V. my
friend is coming down to my place
to help me set up my machine, 
teach me tricks on how to quickly cut the fabric to the
size squares I want,
and give me easy tutorials on sewing in a strait line!
As you can see in the PDF of this pattern,
it is a strait forward one! 
And as my friend keeps telling me,
it can be my guide to base how I make mine
and I can be free to be creative!
As I took a train back home on Tuesday,
my friend is DV bringing all my fabric
and sewing supplies (which I now know are called notions)
today with her!
I am excited for such a joyful and beautiful
project to work on.
The quilt is for my still baby goddaughter and
my goal is to have it done in
1.5 years at the latest.
I already have other things I am dreaming of making
and am excited to begin!


Paula said...

Very pretty! I love the backing fabric, very toile looking :)

Matushka Anna said...

Yay! Welcome to the world of quilting!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

It is going to be so pretty!

October Rose said...

Oh, those fabrics are gorgeous and such happy colors! How fun. :) Quilting is on my someday-list. :)

T.J. said...

material stores are like museums with all the colors and textures! have fun with your quilt- I'm finishing up a running T-shirt quilt for Champ's birthday :).

karen said...

so cheerful so bright and very inspirational :)

Lisa said...

How beautiful it will be!