Monday, April 20, 2015

About this morning

It is very windy and rainy here. 
Yesterday we wrote early Mother's Day Cards,
which included funny lines like:
Cleo is licking Elizabeth's socks
and earlier Cleo was rubbing Mr. Husband's neck and head
while we were drinking tea.
We were gone overnight for the 9th day memorial service
as it was easier to stay for liturgy the next day than 
drive back that night and drive again the next morning.
Cleo missed us...

It is very windy and rainy this morning.
I am just glad to be home.

We had a small dinner party for a belated
birthday celebration for Mr. Husband,
and the blue and white streamers were still up.
{I will have a separate blog post about this DV 
this week.}

Just two weeks ago the munchkin was here
for a visit ... he had such fun with the little
church and the boat from HDM...
He has a lot of fun playing here!
I still feel like I am in a bit of a daze as his 
father is now gone. 
Grief is hard and very individual to the person.


While I've kept candles going on the other icon corner
I've not been able to do this one.
Exhaustion, grief, and plain business do that to a person.
I hope to change them out to the clear ones 
for Pascha soon, as it is the Easter Season for 40 days...

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Chere Mama said...

This is my first time at your blog. I love all you icons and the beautiful eggs.