Wednesday, April 22, 2015

And about today...

After a lot of 'going' today,
with allergies, nearly two weeks of poor sleeping,
and emotional intensity,
today I am tired, thoat a bit sore.
So I got up this morning, lit all the living room lampadas, 
had breakfast, did a little online
and realized I was so tired that even trying to watch a movie,
a rare thing for me at any rate,
was out of the question.
And so a nap it was and I woke at noon, made lunch,
ate with Mr. Husband, and continued around the house,
a bit tired, dazed.
It's going to take time to recover,
I've told my husband many times, if only from the 
exhaustion of the last days; instead of a 
Brighr Monday day off rest, we buried
Mr. Husband's godson;
we've had little rest and many nights of poor sleep.
It's going to take time
and recovery seems like such a huge thing today,
like a mouse needing to eat a mountain of delicious cheese
and the mouse can only take little bites at a time of the mountain.
And you know, 
that's OK.
So today was a rest day...
a hot bath, ate the last three orange chocolate sticks, 
vegan ones, from Trader Joes,
read more of the light and wonderful book 
The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge,
did dishes, ordered groceries and talked to my Mom.
It was a good restful day,
rest can be so important...
Cleo got attention too:

She was told by Mr. Husband at lunch
she needed more courage...
(she is goofy and runs away often when he
comes near)...

She also loves to sit in my seat
where I sit to write most of my blog posts.
She apparently thinks she is a blogger!
She's curled up next me now as I type... :)


Lisa said...

Maybe Cleo could blog for you now and then - I'd really love to see what she'd post about! :D

karen said...

something was up with the weather yesterday, my allergies were bothering me and I was awfully tired as well. I hope in time you're soothed with good memories of your godson.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Dear Cleo!
Grief is exhausting; you are wise to rest.