Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Holy Week ~ simple knits and peaceful moments

It's Holy Week this week for 
Orthodox Christians! 
My knitting is simple this week ~
washcloths that I can make
without looking while
driving to and fro!

Tuesday was the Feast of Annunciation and Holy Tuesday!
Being on Church morning and night 
for Holy Week is so deep
and gives moments when we pray for a heart that
seeks to love God and to repent;
and being in church lends itself to peaceful moments
where we seek to be more singularly focused.
So simple knitting, reading/listening to church services
is pretty much the way it will be this week!
Best week of the year!
The whole story of salvation in 1 week!
What are you making, reading/doing?
Yarn Along with us!
(and blessed Holy Week and, for those in the
West, blessed Eastertide!)


Lisa said...

A blessed Holy Week to you, Elizabeth.

karen said...

Looks like your Holy Week is full. Love how you've pick knitting to work with the busy week for you.