Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mr. Husband's Bright Friday Birthday Party

One of my dear local friends came over
and helped me decorate for Mr. Husband's party.

I had bought blue and white crepe paper streamers a few
month's back in anticipation of Mr. Husband's party.

My friend outdid herself and made a delicious meal for us.
I had told her earlier this week that we 
were, given the circumstances of the death of
Mr. Husband's godson and that all schedules had 
gotten shuffled around, that we were going to do
take out for the party,
as I would not be able to make a meal for it.
She said she has been thinking about this and
offered to bring the meal herself. 
It was a real mercy to be on the receiving end
and it was so delicious! 

Lamb Kulebiaka.

She also brought salad and we had 
a local red wine and local hard sour cherry apple cider.

A fish Kulebiaka was also part of this wonderful meal!

With the sauce, it was just wonderful!

We had a great long ranging dinner conversation...

I need to get my friend's recipe!!

Our other guest brought a wonderful 
cheesecake and my Kulebiaka bringing friend
taught me how to make a quick strawberry sauce -
I had organic Trader Joes frozen strawberries,
we heated them up, added a bit of sugar, lemon juice and vanilla;
let it bubble until some of hte water evaporated;
we put a small sauce pan in the freezer and later put the sauce in it,
cooling it in perpetration for the dessert.

Cleo wanted some as you can see! 

I also had a orange chocolate sauce from PEI,
it was wonderful. 
We enjoyed with this various teas:
English Breakfast, Lady Grey and Chocolaty Chai
with or without milk/sugar.

 Mr. Husband received some beautiful and perfect for him presents.

It was a really lovely evening,
one we thank God for....


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am glad you are surrounded by such wonderful friends! Every blessing to Mr Husband!

E Helena E said...

So glad for this time in the midst of sorrow. Many years to Mr. Husband!

karen said...

happy birthday to your husband!!