Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Holy Wednesday in Pictures

My munchkin was in church 
and we told him once all 
the candles are lit, then all the Gospel readings
have been read...
After this the Gospel book (you can see it above,
behind the candles) is held by the priest over all the people
and each is blessed by the priest gently 'tapping' each person's 
head with the Gospel while the church is in a stilled hush...

Everyone went up to be anointed for healing,
it is such a wonderful hope-filled service.

Tomorrow is another day
and I hope to teach our church-munchkin more about
the services and what Holy Week means for us.
Tonight he asked why one is grabbing the bread
in this icon and I had to explain about 
Judas and what 'betrayed' means.
Soon we will be singing to our Lord Christ,
worshiping His Passion and lamenting at His tomb.
Oh that we can be found faithful and not heedless,
not betraying our Lord for perishable silver coin.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Such a beautiful and holy time - you are so blessed to be teaching the Munchkin about these great mysteries of Faith.
Beautiful photos!

Mimi said...

Beautiful photos. Such wise words

karen said...

beautiful and reverent :)