Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday, Grey and Windy

I had a special day with a dear friend;
prayed with, talked with,
loved her kids with,
it was a hearty day,
grey and windy.
I have begun to make inquiries about the hiring status
for jobs I interviewed for.
No news yet.
I plan on doing more intense job searching very soon;
of course I look online often for new postings...
I am seeking to pray for God's help.
I know it seems that this is all I blog about
but it is pretty much my life right now.
Those who are unemployed will know what I mean, etc.
Thankfulness, remembering God
and asking His help;
this is what I am left with as an answer...


GretchenJoanna said...

I love your labels for this succinct: good friends, Lord, please help, need job!

My daughter and her friends in Washington, DC sometimes put in 20+ job applications a week for months before they get results. I hope it is better in Ottawa and other cities up there. All you need is one! Lord, please help!

elizabeth said...

thanks! yep. being succinct can be good!

that is a tough job market... it is not easy times.

Sarah said...

Do you know when you should hear about that other job? Or have you already?

margaret said...

I know I've said it before... but I love that lamp. Your photos of Cleo and your icons always cheer me.

elizabeth said...

I have yet to hear about either job... am waiting...