Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday was full of sunshine and yellow autumn leaves

Cleo and I are still hanging out;
no job news yet.
It was a beautiful day today.
I visited with some dear friends
and am rereading the book on Elder Cleopa,
which is a real joy to read.
Soon I will either be starting a new job,
moving to start a new job
or looking for other jobs in Ottawa in another way;
but this week I need to wait
soon I should know more.
So I realized the best thing to do with my days right now
is to be with friends and
read books that will be to my spiritual benefit.
Treasure the time I am given
as soon it will be different.
I must say it is almost like a joke,
my not hearing back from these interviews.
But God knows and He is merciful.


thegeekywife said...

very frustrating not to have heard anything yet. Cleo seems relaxed, though.

TeresaAngelina said...

Why is it almost like a joke? I ask because I am hiring and some I interview I may not be able to call to tell them that they were not successful. Seems almost too cruel. Those who ask me to either way, I will do so as a courtesy. But why did you say it was like a joke?

elizabeth said...

Because from what I know both of the places I am waiting to hear said they would get back to me...

TeresaAngelina said...

Oh I see. And they are not, correct? Yes, that is certainly a lack of common courtesy. My guess would be that in the rush of hiring, that some of the basic kindnesses get forgotten. But when you are on the receiving end, hard to imagine! A good remembrance for me too then. May the next experience be one of kindness.

elizabeth said...

Don't know yet if it is because I did not get the job... but being told I will know soon and then not hearing anything is tiring; and telling my family every day 'no news' almost seems comical...

TeresaAngelina said...

No; it isn't comical. Not when your heart is on the line. I am sorry for your stress.

margaret said...

Telling people there is no news day after day gets terribly wearing. It's not as if you can sprawl around looking all furry and gorgeous and not care.