Friday, October 15, 2010


I have been meaning to show you all
the Icon of St. Katherine
that I got at the
back in August.
Yes, things may be a bit hard for me right now
but how deep is God's love
and how great and powerful are the prayers of His Saints for us.
For the love and sake of Christ
all our suffering will indeed be


Mimi said...

My mom's Patron Saint (even though she isn't Orthodox or particularly Christian) is St. Katherine and I bought her an icon of St. Katherine when she was going through her second breast cancer battle.

She is one of my favorite saints, and I love her icon.

DebD said...

I love the icon. She's one of my favorite saints too and also the Patron of my youngest daughter. I so want to go to her monastery someday.

Michelle M. said...

That is a beautiful icon.

E Helena E said...

I always love to see your icons on your blog. Sending you love and prayers for strength.

elizabeth said...

Mimi - May St. Katherine's prayers save your mother!

It is so wonderful that we and, Deb, share a love for St. Katherine...

Deb - thank you.

Michelle - thank you.

E-H - as always my thanks!

margaret said...

The Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge (where I've just spent part of the weekend) is dedicated to St Katherine.