Friday, October 22, 2010

Well, no news is good news, right?

Almost the close of the last business day of the week.
I got an email saying that the position here
in Ottawa is yet undecided.
So another weekend of not knowing.
I received wise counsel
to continue to be patient
and that
this too will pass.
I must admit I find it hard.
Of course I've also been more house-bound this week
due to a head cold.
If I do anything, I always do it well,
and getting a cold is no exception!!
I applied to another job today;
It was a struggle as my mind feels bogged down with
what in Alabama is called The Sinus.
But the application was due today and so
it is done.
God sure is merciful to me a sinner;
I can get all frustrated about the wait
and I am still comforted...
Wishing everyone a good weekend
with the comfort of God that comes from
Him and from His Church...


margaret said...

How awful that they are taking so long to decide! But your counsel was indeed wise, it is good to be able to wait on the Lord despite how very difficult it is.

elizabeth said...

Thanks. Yeah, it is not easy but thank God for wise counsel and for God not abandoning us in the midst...

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

How disappointing that they are taking so long.
Sending hugs and get well wishes to you from across the Pond !