Thursday, October 07, 2010


Talking with a woman in church,

last week,

about the Saints and she commented about the

Cross within the life of the Saints being accepted,

surrendered to, martyred and resurrected;

the renunciation of life for crucifixion with Christ.

How this was the pattern of Christian life.

It really struck me.

We are so blessed by beauty

flowers made by God

yet some of the monks in Scetis

in the book

sayings of the desert fathers

never looked around them

and looked only to God.

I was reading in Matthew earlier this week
narrow is the way and few find it.
How much we need to be in church
and seek God's mercy.
Sometimes it is so easy to forget that the path to God
and to His Kingdom
is narrow and few find it.
We must not assume so easily that was are there,
we must seek God's mercy
and ask Him
to show the way...
all the while trusting on His mercy that if we
seek Him, we will find Him...
He will take us to Himself,
His House with many rooms;
narrow is the way and few find it;
May we look to God
and pray for mercy
all our days...


Anonymous said...

thank you <3

margaret said...

It's easy to forget 'narrow is the way' which is frightening. I suppose it's because the idea of few finding it is frightening. I wonder how long I can keep it in my head for? :(

H West said...

I greatly enjoyed clicking over to your blog and seeing a bright, pink flower staring me in the face!

Mimi said...

Oh, I do so love bleeding hearts, and I'm not sure mine bloomed this year.

And, I love what you said.

elizabeth said...

Hi H West - welcome here! Glad you liked the flower.

Margaret - I know. Same here.

Lord help us.