Monday, October 18, 2010

More glimpses of beauty

I lit all my candles yesterday evening

in prayer for my Grandma's surgery

(have not heard yet about it)


I lit the candles and had to leave the room

for a minute

and was overwhelmed,

upon returning,

by the brightness of the candle light,

the beauty and colour of the icons.


While I did not convert merely because of beauty

I can understand why some of my protestant friends

would think otherwise.

Once such beauty is seen,

how can one stay away?!

My new table runner
from Kiev,
gotten from the Pechesk Lavra
I also have an Icon from the Lavra
that I have had for at least 4 years now,
I think.
Real blessings, this.
(When my Ottawa-Ukrainian family says the word
Pechesk it sounds like Pecheskra,
need to find out why.)
Today I am cleaning house
listening to Ancient Faith Radio
and currently the Psalter in Slavonic,
very comforting,
provides a place to emotionally stand or rest on...
God is with us
promises not to abandon us
and sees our situations.
The Church is with us
in all the beauty, wholeness and protection.


margaret said...

Am praying for Grandma.

Was the psalter in Slavonic on AFR?

Matushka Anna said...

God, in his mercy, feeds us with his beauty.

elizabeth said...

Thank you for prayers! I have word that surgery went well, though I don't know any details...

The Psalter one that my friend downloaded from a site from Russia or Ukraine some years back and it is on my computer... so no, not on AFR... and I have since lost the CD with the actual songs...

Mat. Anna - yes. God is so merciful to feed us with His beauty...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your Grandmother is doing well.

I'd have to say my icon corner is the most beautiful place in our house...I thank God for the gifts of icons, candles and incense - they help my frail soul to reach out to Him.

I would love to visit Kiev. My hubby's grandfather was from that area. The Pechesk Lavra looks amazing. In the link it says in Ukrainian it is "Pechers’ka lavra" which would explain the difference in what you are hearing.

margaret said...

I am glad of the good news even without the details. And, yes, I too have a lot of music on computer that I've long since lost the CDs for. I'm grateful on a regular basis for having computers because I am horrible for losing CDs or forgetting who I lend them to. Now I make copies for people and am safe knowing the music is backed-up with the rest of my computer files - especially when I remember all the time and care that went into mum's 78s!

elizabeth said...

Margaret - yes - thank God for computers and music - and for the good news. I still have not heard more other than that the surgery went well!

Mimi said...
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Mimi said...

It probably has to do with the fact that it take an adjectival ending in Russian (and Ukranian)