Sunday, October 03, 2010


Liturgy this morning
was beautiful.
I am grateful that God accepts sinners
(i.e. me)
to His Table.
I have been struggling with fatigue this past week
and still feel like I may get sick.
As my interview for a good Ottawa job is this Thursday
I am really hoping and praying that
I can stay physically strong.
I am making vegetable soup
in an effort to seek to stay well.
My house is pretty tidy right now,
though it can take me so long to take care of
my recycling.
I gather that others also struggle with housekeeping.
Any suggestions for food, drink, whatever,
to stay well
are fully welcome.
I thank God for and ask your continued prayers.
I am so grateful for them.
God is so good to us.


Anonymous said...

suggestions for wellness: cook with onions and garlic, drink lots of hot tea with honey and lemon (elderberry, echinaecea and goldenseal are all good for the immune system), have a hot bath in salt water, push fluids and get as much rest as possible. God bless you and heal you.

Cristina said...

I totally subscribe to Jodie Anna's suggestions, plus a chicken soup. You are in my prayers. God bless you!

Anna said...

Oh, do others ever struggle with housekeeping! (I speak for myself) Thinking of you :)

RW said...

by struggle do you mean that it is never ever done.

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone! I need to have hot tea at current, did the bath, rested...

Cristina - yep, chicken soup and a veg soup on hand...

Anna - yep. so hard to keep up with the housekeeping!

RW - yes that is never done but also that what I do is so quickly undone... i.e. you have your dishes put away and then you cook and have more dishes; I never seem to get it all under control... laundry is going to have to wait until after my interview, etc...

margaret said...

I keep forgetting about garlic yet my friend says Mollie Katzen's vegetarian 'chicken' soup which is basically parsnips and loads of garlic is what she always makes when she's feeling under the weather. And she makes matzo dumplings for it and introduced me to the very bad habit of cutting them in half and buttering them.

I'm glad there's another single woman somewhere who can't keep up with her housework :)

E Helena E said...

Prayers for good health and strength for the interview!

Matushka Anna said...

Make sure you get plenty of rest! I tend to stay well when I get enough rest and get sick when I don't.

(And you have a lovely blog!

thegeekywife said...

Sara Cat says that hugs from a kitty help with fatigue, so it's a good thing Cleo is there! :)

Marfa said...

Oh, my dear...I felt a bit under the weather this weekend too...I hope you are feeling better! I believe that if you have a good book and can just read and not worry about the cares of the world, it will help your health!!!