Sunday, October 31, 2010

First Snow of the Season

I enjoyed writing my long book post!

I do love writing...

So I am going to be applying for that job that caught my fancy

this week.

And looking for in-between work too.

First snow last night! Cleo was interested, as you can see above.

Various lovely small things that I have had

for a long time

that remind me also of where I have been,

like writing the book post

also reminded me of.

It was so very lovely and wonderful to be at liturgy again today.
First time I wore my winter jacket since
last early spring.
Felt like everything coming together again
with the season changing,
going downstairs into the church basement
to hang up my winter coat;
so simple but spoke to me of the community
I have here.
It is so odd to not know if I am saying an increased hello
to the place I live in or if I am slowly saying goodbye.
Either way today was a beautiful day.


Sarah said...

I'm super jealous about the snow :) Send some South!

RW said...


we are having a rather glorious day on the west coast.

we are off for walk.

sounds like you are in a good place.
tell us more about the position that caught your fancy.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

It's been glorious, and really rather warm here today ! I do envy you your snow......

thegeekywife said...

I saw this and thought of you.

I have no idea if this is even remotely what you are looking for, but it is in Canada. Figured it couldn't hurt to send you the info!

Enjoy the snow!

Donna Farley said...
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margaret said...

I have several of those books - and the same edition of Hopkins :)

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone! the snow is pretty much gone now...

nice Margaret that we have the same books... :)

November In My Soul said...

I have the same collection of Shakespeare. I know this is off track but I cannot imagine a life without books. I once worked with a woman who said she had never read a book cover to cover. I cannot Imagine that.