Monday, November 01, 2010

November 1 2010 - cool skies and sunshine

Cleo my lovely companion cat.


I told my Mom today that I was thinking

since I still don't have news

from the 2 jobs I have been waiting for

that perhaps I did not get them.

This makes me sad

even though there are other jobs I am applying for,

hoping for.

Sigh and deep breath.

So I am trying to start the process to look for other types of work.

It's tough going.

I am a librarian.

Pretty much all my work experience is in libraries.

I am often over-qualified for other jobs....

Needing prayer and God's mercy as always;

my money won't last forever

but I trust that God's mercy will.

A beautiful November sky line;

you can see the blue of my computer screen reflecting back...

I've had these roses since I graduated from library school.
My church family who came to the restaurant to love me
and say goodbye and meet my family
all at once
gave me these roses.
I really want to be a librarian again.
Please God, that I get a job.


Sarah said...

Praying for your job situation. It's hard when we've done all we can and now it's in God's hands. Hard not to know and be in control of the situation. Curl up with Cleo and try to take your mind off of it! <3

DebD said...

I'm sorry you didn't get either of those jobs. praying for you.

margaret said...

You know what I'm going to say...

Cleo is so beautiful.

I am sorry you didn't get either of the jobs, I was so hoping you were at the end of your search.

Donna said...

elizabeth, silly girl! :) (I say this with such love) -- just because you haven't heard yet about the jobs, doesn't mean you are not still in the running! It is possible you are one of two top candidates, they could have offered it to the other top candidate, but are waiting to see if that candidate accepts the offer (and usually candidates are given up to a week to decide), and if that candidate *doesn't* accept then the offer might go to you. Having been on the search committee side of these things 3 times already, I know for a fact that it isn't over for a candidate until the "I'm sorry but the position has been filled, thank you for applying" note goes out to you. And, if they *don't* send out such a note, then you don't want to work for them anyway.

God knows what is the right fit for you, job-wise, and you cannot rule out either of the jobs you interviewed for, until you receive notification from them saying they have chosen someone else. It is all still in God's hands. I am praying very much for you! (And again, the first part of my comment is meant in a light-hearted, loving way!) :) :) :)

elizabeth said...

Donna, LOL. Well, how to respond to being called silly? I'll take it!

thanks for your comment. Yes, I am gathering that this may be the case. But I have also heard that there are insitutions, at least here in Canada, who never did receive the 'sorry but no' answer...

Thanks for your comment and your prayers! I need a job soon, like within the next 2 months would be good. I've been asking God and St. Nicholas for a job for Christmas! :)