Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday - Full of Sunlight

Did I ever show you how Cleo will sit in my

dinner chair as if the food is for her?!

Silly Cleo.

Job Search:

no news.



I made a cashew butternut apple lentil soup

for my slow cooker.

Looking forward to that tomorrow.

The other day I won a lovely book
to read to the lovely 3 year old
that I mentioned I read bedtime and other time stories to.
I won Jane G. Meyer's The Man and the Vine
and I am looking forward to having this book!
I already told 3 year old's mother that is coming
as the latest book reading installment!
Yesterday I shared the Olivia book with him...
I know other young kids who I would love to share Jane's book with...
Wanted to alert anyone who did not know already,
Jane has another contest this week
for her book
Be sure to go over,
if you have youngish kids for these books,
and enter!
And now, as the sun is setting
an hour earlier,
I need to go clean up for yet another dinner
to keep Cleo away from... :)


Donna said...

Ooohhh could you post the recipe for the butternut squash slow cooker soup? (And is "slow cooker" the same as "crock pot"?) :)

Sarah said...

You're cat is so cute! She thinks she's a person!!! I was also going to request the recipe for your soup, but Donna beat me to it :) Do share!

Sorry your job hunt is still slow, hopefully you'll get a lead soon! Praying for you!

elizabeth said...

I know tres cool soup! (tres means very)...

it is from a cookbook that I have a scanned copy of the soup recipe from...

can you both email me at

roosjeblog @ (note the .ca)

and I will send it to you...

biss said...

That is really cool! I just signed up!

I would love the recipe, too. Just made butternut squash soup yesterday and P's comment after I told M. it was good for her, full of nutrients and vitamins, was, "Yeah. It tastes like it." Humph!

I didn't really add much. I thought it was fine, but then I like plain squash.

margaret said...

cashew butternut apple lentil soup? No wonder Cleo is looking so longingly at your plate, that would make even a cat vegetarian. I think I will be emailing you too...

E Helena E said...

That wheat(?) photo is beautiful.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Cleo is a delight :-)
And the soup looks almost as good !