Tuesday, November 09, 2010


About a year ago I had problems in
looking for an apartment;
some of my readers will remember
how 2 weeks before I was to move the apartment I was moving into
was suddenly refused to me
and I did not know where I would move to in 2 weeks time.
I remember telling my priest something to the effect of
'don't you see what is happening to me? my life is OVER'
well, I didn't say that exactly
but my anxiety was high and I felt like something was terribly wrong,
that I was now in this situation.
I remember the smile and peaceful response to my
It was like I was being told,
yes, I see exactly what is happening to you.
Well it took me a while later to see this,
but here is what happened - I was being kept from harm:
1. I was released suddenly from what would of been a bad
landlord experience for me.
2. I was given the apartment I am in now, which
is the one I wanted in the first place.
3. I heard later on in the year that the place I was going to live in
had a fire in it - I could of lost everything.
I had asked for God's help and Archangel Michael's help
and I was protected and taken care of,
even when all I could see was not having a place to live in two weeks time.
Still today I seem to fail at remembering this,
anxious about job situations, job finding, French language, Ottawa job situation
and on and on the list goes.
Oh what little faith!
Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!


Matushka Anna said...

I think it's amazing that I can still be amazed at God's providence after all this time. If I really had faith, nothing would surprise me.

Still praying.

Michelle M. said...

Thanks for the reminder. Praying that God will provide for you very soon.