Saturday, November 27, 2010

On This Snowy Saturday Morning

One of the many days I walked to my doctor's this week

(We either talked on the phone or in person)

I noticed for the first time this Cross.

How heartening.

We need to keep praying for Kh. Ramia's Lucia -

she is struggling greatly and valiantly

to stay alive.

Please do continue to pass on your encouragement to

Kh. Ramia.

This is one of the deepest sufferings a human can go through -

the grave sickness of her child.

A dear friend of mine
spent time with me last night
after we ate together
we prayed esp. to the Mother of God
and to St. Nicholas.
The medicine that I am taking appears to be helping,
the swelling is reduced and I am not in pain
due to the situation.
I go over to a friends house DV later today.
After more research (unexpected bank/tax issue)
I still may be facing a significant unexpected bill.
But God is with us, with me and
the prayers of St. Nicholas for help
are of great effect -
both my friend and I have received financial help from him
on both the new calendar and old calendar
St. Nicholas Day.
Praying that Christ will help us all in this day
keep us in His peace.
Please pray for Lucia, Kh. Ramia and her husband Fr. Anthony.
God is with us.


Sarah said...

Prayers for you, Lucia and her family.

margaret said...

It's good to know the medication is working and you are not in pain. I hope you get the financial issue resolved - it sounds thorny.

And thank you for telling us about Lucia.

GretchenJoanna said...

I only now went back to read recent posts about the development of your medical problem. Lord, have mercy! And may He bless and have mercy at every level and for every aspect. You are in my prayers.