Saturday, November 27, 2010

All At Once...

So thankful for God's mercy,

for the intercession and protection of the Saints.


Today I was at a beautiful baptism of a lovey baby boy.


I went to my good friend's house to look into

the money issue from the letter

of unexpected money owed

that I received this week.

We discovered that the letter was not wrong.

I suddenly owe a large amount

(esp. right now for me)

so much that with the current regular bills I have

(phone, hydro)

I do not have any savings left

outside of the pension that was paid by my employer

that is now housed at my bank.

(I will see about payment options

for the unexpected bill,

I am responsible

and will communicate appropriately.)


My friend who is also in some grave difficulties

came last night and we prayed

services to the Mother of God and to St. Nicholas.

God is powerful in the intercession of His Saints.


I suddenly find myself,

a professional librarian,

who has great work experience and

formerly a decent salary,

in a position where

due to some other factors,

including lack of health care in the States

and no jobs in Michigan,

mean that I may need to stay here

and look into everything that can help me:

looking for any job I can do

looking into social assistance

figuring out where food banks are

so I have one less bill to worry about.

All At Once.


I do have a few friends who may be able to help me with

various things

but the situation is still serious.

And I am worried about Cleo.
What if I have to move somewhere where I can't keep her?
She is not young anymore -
and I am loath to give her to a stranger.
Please pray for us.
I am looking to God for help and for salvation.
God is good and He is merciful and loves mankind.
PS: the huge rash on my face continues to improve,
so that is one blessing
though between the physical pain I had from it
and all the doctor's visits I had to get it resolved thus far
meant that I was not able to do a lot of job searching this week.


Mat. Emily said...

I am so sorry, Elizabeth! I know that this is such a hard time for you. We will be praying that things work out... is there any way that you can defer payment of the bill until you are employed?

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Mat. Emily! I don't know if I can defer payment (it's related to taxes) but I will call to find out all my options.

Juliana said...

Dear Elizabeth, please be assured of my prayers for you and Cleo.

Sarah said...

This is so sad. I don't know why you are going through this difficult time, but I know the Lord will faithfully see you through it. We are praying for you daily.

Matushka Anna said...

Elizabeth, what is your email address? I know you put it in a post somewhere and I looked through the archives but I couldn't find it.

Maureen E said...

Dear Elizabeth, I will most certainly be keeping you in my prayers. What a difficult situation.

elizabeth said...

Thank you everyone. I really appreciate the prayer support; this is such a blessing. Thank You and Thank God.

Mat Anne - email address:

roosjeblog @ yahoo .ca

I am so thankful to God that He is good and WILL see me through this.

elizabeth said...

Mat. Anna - just realized I used the other varient of your name - Anne - sorry I do realize your name !! :)

Matushka Anna said...

Goodness, I answer to anything. (c;

Thanks, I've e-mailed you.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Elizabeth, I will be redoubling my prayers for you and for dear Cleo.
What a diffiuclt predicament to be in.
Kyrie eleison....

margaret said...

I can't help feeling there should be some way of not paying that bill while you have no income.

I will keep praying. I'm sorry you have to worry about Cleo and if I wasn't on the other side of the pond I'd take her in an instant till you could take her back again.

Much love.

GretchenJoanna said...

Oh, my, too much excitement of the kind we like to avoid...but God is with you and it will be a blessing in the end...also His presence is a constant in the present. Praying.