Sunday, November 28, 2010

Step 1 - Sunday Evening

Today I saw the newly baptised boy

have his first communion.

What a beautiful miracle.

It fills my heart with joy.

I was encouraged by many at my church

and discussed my situation with my spiritual father.


I will be researching social assistance,

doing more job-seeking meetings

with the people who help with this part,

and have other things to research too.

And of course, now that my health seems to be stabilizing

from the volcanic eruption on my face,

I hope to have the time and strength to continue job searching

for both professional and 'in-between jobs.'


Had a great talk with my parents

and about keeping my courage up,

not giving up

and continue to be open to God's guiding

doors that I may not of thought of yet

that God may open.

They are still hoping to get me home for Christmas

as they want to see me and

want me to be emotionally refreshed.

They know it is not going to solve the situation I am in

but may give me some renewed strength.

They and other important people in my life

all agree that during the holiday times

(Christmas and New Years)

there will not be a lot of interviews scheduled

and I can continue job searching during this time in Michigan.

As the three interviews I did have this fall

were all applied for while I was home in Michigan

in August,

I tend to agree with them.

I am looking God for help
to the Saints for their intercessions
and am confident that God will not leave me during this time.
Please pray for me for wisdom to know how to
best and most efficiently approach the situation
I am finding myself in
and how to have strength, a good attitude
and peace as I sort this out.
I know that with Christ strengthening me
this situation can be dealt with,
though I am not pretending it is easy.
If it was easy, then I would be having a much
easier time falling asleep at night... :)
Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement.
I can't tell you how much it lifts my spirits.
My love to you all in Christ!
And blessed beginning to the Nativity Fast for any on the
old calendar...
Christ is in our midst.


E Helena E said...

Very glad that you could talk more with Father today. Many are praying! Love to you also.

Pres. Kathy said...

God knows what is best for us! We just have to pray and put our trust in Him.