Monday, November 15, 2010

Choices on a sunny November Monday Morning

Dear friends of mine bought me needed
sick-supplies after church
I was almost out of honey.

I told them I may be coming down with a cold

now that I seem over the flu itself

and could they get a box of Kleenex?


Sadly that cold has come and I think I may need more

than 1 more box!

So that leads to some choices.

to take care of myself.
My oatmeal with flax, seeds and raisins is about ready;
my tea is steeping,
OJ made, honey ready.
Second though,
I need to care for my inner life.
This is always a challenge in illness of whatever kind
but I have gotten some hints of what is important to do:
1. Be thankful. Rejoice in all the good you do have
like my friends who supplied me with Kleenex and honey
and another friend is bringing me homemade soup for lunch
and that God loves us. Etc.
2. Keep my vigil lamp lit
3. Remember God
4. Rest and trust God that even though I am a bit 'down for the count'
still and can't fully be out job searching today
that He will still provide for me.
5. Read some good books. I am thinking I am going to re-read a bit
about St. John of Shanghai and Sans Fransisco.
Now please don't think I am all good just because I write
these things; rather that I need to be reminded
myself to maintain a sense of peace and good
attitude about my current situation.
I guess that is in part what I try to do here
on this blog, now days,
is maintain a better focus on what is true and what I need
to remember.
Meanwhile, I do hope this head cold can go away soon;
but for today, I will continue to rest.
Here's some great posts I've enjoyed today:
Molly's post on Being with Christ
Fr. Stephen on the Nativity Fast
May God help us in this day to remember Him
and stay always with Christ.


Matushka Anna said...

Thank God for friends! I'm so glad there is someone there to look out for you.

Michelle M. said...

I'm sorry that you are ill. I pray you'll get better soon. We prayed for your during our morning prayers today and will continue to do so. Sending you a hug!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Hoping that you get very much better very quickly :-) And asking dear St John to pray for you and all your intentions.....

Mimi said...

What good friends indeed!

biss said...

I like you.