Saturday, November 06, 2010

Goodness and Hope

My Mom, Dad and Aunt are visiting

my Oma, other Aunts and Uncles.

I just talked to my Mom

and she said that my Aunt

whose house burnt down in September

was just telling her Mom

my Oma,

who will God willing be 102 years old this Christmas Eve (December 24)

that a lot of her photos,

boxes of them,

have been spared

as the fire did not destroy all of the main floor.

My Aunts friends are helping her dry out the pictures

(it took 5 firetrucks worth of water to overcome the fire

that raged most of the night / early morning hours).

I asked my Mom what the house looked like -

devastation she said;

outside walls still standing.

But I am so hearted by what was spared.

My Uncle's work clothes, my Aunt's dishes,

tea pot, silverware,

their new wood stove,

many of the doilies my Oma made

my Opa's Martinitoren!!

(His cross stitch I mentioned in the September post)

Just that my Aunt has her dishes, many of her pictures

(we do not know about the wedding pictures),

my Uncle's work clothes.

That is very heartening.

Though losing everything else

is understandably still significant.

But I am so thankful that in God's mercy that

He preserved some of what my Aunt and Uncle had.

I am still so happy about one of my loved one's getting

a full time job

after years of trying to scramble enough money to live

by doing various part time jobs.

was an encouragement to me this morning,
and the song is so beautiful and uplifting.
I am working on three various job applications and have a forth to do
next week as well.
I am still dealing with some unbloggable stuff
but so is everyone and
God is with us.
It is hard to maintain one's encouragement and stamina
but with God's help I will make it through
and I pray that God will help us all
make it through our various trials in this life...


Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

Thinking of you - and thank you for sharing these pictures. Looks as though your part of the world is enjoying a beautiful autumn too. Colours here have been truly spectacular. Wishing you good health, fortitude and that long-awaited answer soon!

Matushka Anna said...

How encouraging! In the midst of the devastation even these few things (not so few!) that were spared amount to so much. I'm so glad for your family.

Keep hoping.

. said...

How awesome that those important, personal items were spared! Good luck on your job apps that you are working on. Those pictures are so beautiful! If being a librarian doesn't work out, you could definitely be a photographer. You have an eye for beauty! Prayers for you!

E Helena E said...

Thank you for the update on your aunt and uncle. Great to see you; you make me smile, no matter what. Love to you.

Michelle M. said...

It is a miracle that such precious items were spared in that terrible fire. And I can't believe your Oma will be 102. My MamaRosa (great-grandma on my father's father's side) was over 100. She even received a letter from the president of the U.S. We're still praying for you!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Good news indeed !

Beth said...

What a blessing for your aunt and uncle.