Friday, November 05, 2010

Finally Friday

Cleo and I hanging out;

Okay, you can't see me of course....

She and I are not quite sure how long we have to just

'hang out'

before I get some type of job

but I thought this picture to be fun and amusing.

Picture from this morning;

Cleo my hen.

She is so funny.

She will sometimes, esp. when she wants attention,

sit on the back of my chair,

like you see here,

when I am sitting on it.

Up close and wanting personal attention,

that's my Cleo Cat.

Dreaming of another day.
Found out today that I did not get the Ottawa job.
Mixed feelings about this; a bit glum;
but also quiet now.
Glum is such a great word though, you know?
So the anxiety department in my life has been a bit disorderly.
So any of you who think I radiate peace all the time
think again...
I'm just a human and broken as anyone.
But in the goodness department,
since the anxiety department has been wanting to run loose and ignore
one of my loved ones got a full time job today!
Can't tell you how happy I am for this.
And apparently I am getting a gift card for some inconvenience
regarding a purchase I made a while ago in the States
that ended up being impossible to pay online.
I am hoping to buy a scarf and hat with it
(I already picked it out online, terrible, aren't I?!)
I have two job applications to finish this weekend
since they are due this weekend
and Monday I hope go to see about in-between work while I wait.
Am really feeling like I did not get either job;
I know officially today I did not get the one here;
the fact that the other one did not get back to me yet
even though I emailed
tells me that I probably did not get that one either.
I may be getting a cold again.
November is certainly here;
crazy weather and uncertain days.
Christ never promised us that it would be easy,
just that He would be with us in it.
Thank you again so much for your kindness, prayers and comments.
It means so much to me right now.
I thank God for each of you.
And Cleo assures me that she adores the attention,
even though she plays shy...
Back to the cover letter writing...
Thanks again everyone.


Marfa said...

Maybe I can see a photo on the shelf behind Cleo and that yellow (I love that velvety a picture of a sweater I just put on my blog) chair?
I'm so happy it's Friday!

Donna said...

elizabeth, I just want you to know that I'm thinking of you and praying for you, in light of the news about the Ottawa job. I know God has amazing things in store for you--the right thing will come along and when it does you'll be amazed at the way God works. :)

GretchenJoanna said...

Both of those pics of Cleo are so funny!

margaret said...

I'm sorry you didn't get the job but I am glad you have someone so wonderful to hang out with.

DebD said...

"Glum" is a great word. So sorry you didn't get the Ottawa job.

Emily H. said...

Oohhh... sorry about the job. I like to think it just means God has something far better waiting for you.

GretchenJoanna said...

At least they told you about the Ottawa job. It's always trying to be left hanging -- and so unnecessary when a simple e-mail is easy these days.

Sometimes temp jobs turn out to be the door to the best thing, so I hear...God only knows, so we keep you hold you up to Him.

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone....

Donna - right now I would just like a job. My money will not hold out forever and ever...

M - yep; Cleo is one of the best...

G-J - yeah, will be exploring different options, including temp work...