Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday - Step Two

I was downstairs doing long-overdue laundry

when my cell phone beeped

letting me know I had a voice mail.


It was an HR person who left her number to have me call her back.

I did so.

I now have an hour-long panel interview via the telephone next week Friday

December 10 in the late morning.


No idea if I will get the job.

It does involve moving to a city far from Ottawa

but still in Canada.


I am at peace but overwhelmed at the same time.

Thanks for those who encouraged me about the

unexpected bill.

I was able to get through today on the phone

to the givers of the bill and found out that

and I can pay in installments.


This means I can pay rent this month

without using my pension-related money.

This also means I will continue job searching

while preparing for next week's interview.

We don't know when or where I will get my next job.
Last night was the first night I slept more than 4 hours
so at least between the health situation
and other situations
I have a bit more peace.
Thank you for your prayers
and encouraging comments and emails.
Each one is such a blessing to me.


Matushka Anna said...

Glory to God. And you don't even have to worry about how you'd look for the interview because it's over the phone! God even helps in such little things.

Still praying - I lit a candle for you tonight at Vespers.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Dear Elizabeth,

prayers most certainly continue for you each and every day!!

Good news about the bill; God grant the good news will continue......

Michelle M. said...

I'm so sorry that you haven't been getting a lot of sleep. That is so difficult, but I'm glad that you did get a bit more the other night.

We'll continue to pray for you.

. said...

So glad about the interview and the good news about the bill and that you got more sleep. Sleep is a good thing :) Praying for you as always!

Pres. Kathy said...

I am happy to hear about the interview! We will continue to pray. IN thed meantime try to get some rest!

Anonymous said...

praying for you! keep looking up.

hey, could you pls email me to collect the prize you won from my blog? :) faithwings at gmail dot com.

elizabeth said...

Thank you everyone from my heart.

Jodie Anna - so sorry I had missed the fact that I needed to email you! Have done so now.

Mimi said...

Thanks be to God indeed. Hugs

Kh. Patty said...

How exciting! I hope your interview goes well!