Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Celebration of Lovelies

Mat. Anna brightened my day this morning,
giving me a blog award!
And then suddenly I found that so had

I was so surprised.
Thank you so very much,
you all touched me by your inclusion.


who would I give this award to?

First may I mention and include the four who just nominated me?

Michelle has a great love for her kids, ways to be frugal
and is very conscientious of environmental concerns
related to products for children
and often shares resources with us.
Love you Michelle!

Mat. Anna loves music, laughter and her children!
I love hearing what she is up to, making, and
And I appreciate how she is concerned for others
and for sick children

Sh. Patty is another one I love!
She loves her children, strives to improve and
who we know is already doing well
by the very fact that she cares about how she
is as a Mother,
and I love her use of colour on her blog...
And for beautiful Jodie-Anna,
who I have just met recently in
our beloved Orthodox blog world:
Jodie-Anna is Canadian like me,
(I am a duel citizen you know, US and Canada,
living in Canada)
she clearly loves using the English language,
I have really enjoyed reading her posts not only
to get to know her but savour her use of words.
Wow, for other nominations,
I will never forget to mention Mimi
whose online presence in my life is
She is faithful, lovely, an expert canner,
always up for learning new things and is
a wonderful via online friend.
Mary's blog and life is constantly evolving
and I really respect her search to balance her life
with 6 kids and a popular online presence.
Margaret and her cats.
She has been such a comfort to me
and I love her humour to bits.
BITS I tell you, Margaret, to bits!
Deb's blog is one I have been reading
for quite sometime;
I always enjoy her reflections and hearing
about her life as a mother and her trips to
the Elwood City Monastery,
Holy Transfiguration.
Marfa's blog is full of colour,
the joy of being a mother
and living out an Orthodox life in
the everyday.
She loves crafts and all things beautiful and
I would be remiss to not mention Elizabeth
whose prayers and encouragement to me
over these past many months
have blessed me greatly.
what can I say?
I have loved her via her blog for a good while now!
I love her constant striving, her kids,
and see her as a very special and beautiful woman,
which I continue to tell her :)
Alana's blog I have been reading a few years now.
She is like a friend to me,
by how she shares her life with us,
her struggles, her constant seeking to live a life in the Church
and raise her children.
I love, care for and respect her very much.
is a joy,
and she has been such an encouragement to me,
with her assurance of prayers
and words of advice and encouragement!
Pres. Kathy, I seek to pray for you and family
as well!
RW has been a friend in person
and online
for many years.
She also is always striving,
always seeking to creativity,
loving her family,
taking pictures
and sharing her life.
She is always there, quick to pray for me
and is often on my mind
and is a beautiful strong mother.
Victoria also I have known in person
and continue to love.
I remember the weekend her beloved
DnK became a deacon;
I remember being in my church,
the sun on the wood floors and how I was praying for her
and her now deacon-ed wonderful husband.

I also love Anna
who I met in person this summer,
had wonderful food with,
prayed with in church
and who I enjoy very much,
herself, hearing about her life in England,
and her love and sharing of many Saints.
May I also mention Mat Donna,
whose presence in my life
once in person and online
is one I treasure.
I owe her more than I will ever know;
I am excited for her books and
encourage you to take a look
at her blog...
(her two new books are listed on the right).
I realize I have gone over my 15 people to remember
but there are so many more I could mention!
(and if I read your blog, comment on it and have not mentioned you,
know that you are just as loved...)
I am so richly blessed,
and when looking at the list above,
you are looking at one of the reasons.


Anonymous said...

that is such a beautiful and loving tribute to your friends - thank you so much for numbering me with them :o)

elizabeth said...

Welcome! and I continue to say welcome to you my new friend :)

thanks for being my friend too... :) wishing you a good and peaceful evening...

DebD said...

that is such a sweet tribute to so many (it is hard to not thank everyone). Thank you for your kind words.

Matushka Anna said...

What a beautiful post! I wish I had thought to do the same thing. Although, come to think of it, I was being pulled, literally, away from the computer as I was doing my one short post! I can't put on the blog all I would like to but I can't let my 'real' life be any less rich because of it.

margaret said...

Thank you *hugssss*

And thank you for introducing me to some bloggers I didn't know about :)

Mimi said...

Oh my dear, love to you too! Thank you for the kind words. I am blessed.

Michelle M. said...

I am just finally getting caught up with blog reading. Thank you, thank you! You are such a sweet person. I am so glad that we've connected online. You are always full of encouragement and support. thanks!