Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Waiting in fall sunshine

This only is where we can rest;
in God;
in prayer.
As I wait to hear if I move or not
have a job or not
I am a little more aware
of how God will be with me,
is with us,
even when many things are pulled away from us.
When we lose a friend
when we leave a church
even one's spiritual father
we must not fear.
Our anchor is not in a specific human person
but in Christ
Who is a Person
in the Trinity
Three Persons
and in the Church that
even if there were no church buildings left
is still with us
and we are still inside.
The church surrounds the world,
not the world the church.
Our bearings,
our anchor,
indeed our life,
must be rooted in Christ
in the Holy Trinity
and in prayer in the Church.
Of course this is not easy
but being a Christian is not easy
nor was it promised to be.
This time of quiet waiting
in my life
is not easy;
the emotional strain,
the exhaustion;
it is here.
But Christ
He is also here.


Anonymous said...

that is so beautiful. I appreciate your words so much. I needed to hear them today. <3

margaret said...

Jesus is waiting for you in the chapel. Go and find Him when your strength and patience are giving out, when you feel lonely and helpless. Say to Him: ‘You know well what is happening, my dear Jesus. I have only You. Come to my aid….’ And then go your way. And don’t worry about knowing how you are going to manage. It is enough to have told our good Lord. He has an excellent memory.
Sister Mary of the Cross (Jeanne Jugan), founder of the Little Sisters of the Poor.
I think you are very brave. The thought of leaving my current confessor turns me to jello.

elizabeth said...

Glad they were an encouragment, JA...

M - thanks very much for this quote. You know, it is my Confessor who told me to look for jobs else where (and here) and I feel very much that if God wants me to leave, that He will provide for all my needs. However that does not mean it is easy emotionally. Not at all. I will weep, will grieve. But we must never forget that we grieve with hope and that we are never without Christ (even if we feel without) and are always in the church, regardless of where we are or if we are near an Icon...

Lord help us, this life is not easy...

Matushka Anna said...

We wept when we left our church to go to seminary. Our spiritual father handed us over to another spiritual father who would be local for us there. It was harrowing, but in the end rewarding. And we went with a blessing - exactly what you would be doing. Take comfort.

GretchenJoanna said...

I also can get all worked up about what changes are coming in my future. Certainly there will be challenges...you have encouraged me by the image of the church surrounding the world. I also hate the thought of leaving my parish.
But I remember that the changes and difficulties of the past have not come in one fell swoop. Whatever trials and hard things come to us, we still have baby steps to take, to get to the next day and the next task.
In addition to the never-ending tasks, there are the moments, and we never know when they will come, when God gives a burst of peaceful and energizing joy. Praying that you get a burst soon and again.

T. said...

I hope you year soon about a job!

Sh. Patty said...

I am sure you are anxious, but your post and photos are just beautiful. And frankly, very comforting to me. Thank you.