Sunday, October 17, 2010

A rest between two notes

I am growing less troubled;
some steps have been made...
The intercessions of Christ
our High Priest
and His Mother
are never without effect.
Liturgy on Sundays is always life giving,
no matter how beaten down one may be.
Great sermon;
in part about how in North America we have the added
temptation of doing too many things,
of families committing to sports or activities for their kids
that means Sunday liturgy is now sports morning,
destroying the family's spiritual life.
There are no small amount of temptations here
to neglect our spiritual health and spiritual life.
May the Lord help us,
as He promises,
and may we ask for the help.
I made borscht and perogies,
listened to Ancient Faith Radio.
I do not know what I will know by next weekend
job wise
and do not yet know if I am staying or moving.
So I enjoyed this evening,
as a point of rest
between the past
the now that I am in
and the future that I do not yet know.
Please pray for my Grandma
who goes in for knee surgery tomorrow morning.


mamajuliana said...

Prayers...for you both

E Helena E said...

I need to pray for your grandmother as well.
Oh yes, an abundance of temptations to lure us away...

Matushka Anna said...

Prayers, dear.

RW said...

You sound well here.
In a good space.
Know I think and pray for you often. Hit a bit of a storm here but, we are holding steady

Janelle thegeekywife said...

continued prayers!

I'm glad you found a place of peace in this time.

Michelle M. said...

praying for your grandma today!