Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thoughts of God can show us how to live

I have been thinking a lot about the concepts of

self-worth / self-esteem / self confidence


God / humility / the image of God in us.

I have not yet come to a conclusive answer;

however, here are my thoughts thus far.

God made us and

everything that is good come from God (as St. James says).

God gave us abilities; we are not to deny them.

Despair tells us we are no good, that there is no hope, no future, nothing for us.

So humility cannot mean the denial of hope, future

or that we are somehow worthless,

no good nothings

as would be said in some unknown hillbilly type place.

How to learn to acknowledge that we have good in us and that the good is from God.

Sometimes I get tired of my North American culture

and how tied I am to this culture.

A culture that can be naval-gazing and tripped up on too much introspection.

But that is where I am and

this is where God has placed me to work out my salvation.

I know more of the answers that I need to incorporate into this situation.

The basics:

1. Memory of God.

Mindfulness of God. Remembering what God has done for us.

Remembering to Praise God.

Becoming Deeply Thankful.

2. Practice the virtues as you know them

as in where you are at.

Kill self-pity. Forsake pride.

Love as best you can

and ask for God's mercy and help.

And remember the Lilies of the field.
I think I was so surprised about others loving my pictures of flowers
because I know that I am merely showing the beauty
that is already there.
(I do acknowledge though that God has given me
what others call an eye for these things).
Do not worry, your Father Knows.


Mimi said...


Philippa said...

Well said Elizabeth. Well said.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Mimi and thanks Philippa... I am learning! :)