Thursday, July 23, 2009


So Phillipa and Elizabeth


with an encouragement I really never thought of.

The specific suggestion was to frame

my photographs.

I have been told I have a good eye for pictures

(even my spiritual father thinks so, which makes me most happy)

but I never thought of them as wanted by another.

I still am not sure about the framing of them to sell
at craft sales
I used to use my pictures to make cards for people.
I have been taking pictures of flowers for years
it is just something I do,
especially this summer,
I find myself grabbing my small digital out of my bag
and taking pictures of flowers everywhere I go.
I just love the beauty of them. Beauty is part of who God is
and is so important for us.
So my question:
Do you think my pictures could be used and sold as cards?
Is Etsy calling my name?
What do you think?
Would you buy them?
Something to research.
I am a librarian. I love researching.
Regardless, I am really grateful for the prayers
and the appreciation of my pictures.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I'd be in the market for buying greetings cards of your lovely flowers !

elizabeth said...

Wow. Thanks Elizabeth!

I will look into paperstock and printing options and you will get the cards. This makes me feel happy - that someone wants a copy of my pictures.


mamajuliana said...

I would definitely buy them!

Mimi said...

Yes! I think that's a brilliant idea. You could totally do that.

I actually have a large photo of a flower that I got at a Silent Auction beautifully framed in my living room.

elizabeth said...

Thanks MamaJulia! and thanks Mimi for the encouragement!

Well... I will do it - It may take a little bit - to figure out card size and card stock but I will get back to you...

The idea of sharing my love of flowers, photography and art in this way is invigorating! Thanks!

Athanasia said...

Elizabeth, this is easily done. Go to the large office supply store and buy a ream of heavy weight paper in some lovely muted color. Then go from there.

You can find scissors at the craft store that have fancy cutting edges for only a $1 or $2 so you can cut the paper to make a beautiful edging.

Mount the photos on the cards. Buy a box of envelopes that are "invitation" sized. Bundle the cards in a sandwich bag and tie them with a thin silk ribbon.

Sell the cards for $1 each or a selection of 5 for $4.00 or a selection of 10 for $8.00.

Make sure you sign the back of the cards in the corner and date them. Claim your copyright!

Go for it!! This would be a huge hit!!

I would also include some of your sky scapes and church photos.

biss said...

Yup. It's a great idea.
You'll have to research craft sales too. I can just see you sitting behind a booth with your tea and a book, selling your cards and beautifully framed pictures to people!
Hooray for you!

biss said...

ooh, and the pic from July 15 of the tea cup and saucer too. that picture's Gorgeous!

margaret said...

I think they're lovely and I second Philippa's suggestion of signing them - a lot of people are fed up with impersonal, mass-produced cards and so many handmade ones are just toooooo cute. Flowers, signed by the photographer, might just have a market. If it won't cost too much to try I definitely think you should.

elizabeth said...

Wow, thanks Biss! I love the idea of doing the tea cup... will have to think about options...

thanks Phillipa - I will be researching various options - I am drawn towards having the cards being well priced (as in affordable for a good card) and artistically made - I really like acid free paper, natural looks - etc. I will research and am praying.

Thanks Margi - ! :) Do you mean cost too much to buy or cost to much to make? Just Curious...

Thanks again - I love art and would love to share these with people. That said I am suprised in the happy way.

Alana said...

YES! Your flower photos are gorgeous!!! Etsy is definitetly calling your name. I like rain photos, too.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Alana, I appreciate your encouragment about my flowers. :)