Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sometimes We Get Wet

Tears come and wet our face.

Our eyes and cheeks can be red from crying.

God sees our tears.

Sometimes we feel really fragile.

Sometimes things do not work out the way we wish

or we just want to start over, again.

Sometimes we even wonder: why does life have to be so hard.

Each life is individual.

Many colours, many kinds.

We all get wet sometimes,

by tears, by the rain.

Sometimes mud splatters on us when we are walking on a sidewalk

"Zoom!" goes the car or a loud thunderous "Swish!" from a truck

and we are wet.

Maybe we were even wearing our favourite clothes.

Or we drench our sandled feet

by stepping in a deep unseen rain puddle.

The sun does come again.
The floods,
they do not last forever,
God promised.
But sometimes it can seem like a lot of wet.
A lot of rain.
Sometimes rain can be the best most joyous thing in the world.
But sometimes when it floods,
and is grey for days and days,
we begin to lose heart.
But again at church today,
my spiritual father spoke of a God who loves us.
A God who is so gentle when He asks
do you want to be healed?
A God who is with us,
who waits for us,
who loves us.


E Helena E said...


elizabeth said...

Thank you E-H. Your encouragment always does my heart good! :)

E Helena E said...

And you are a great encourager, yourself! I thank God for you.

TruthQuestioner said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. I so needed to hear this today following some tears of my own.

Isn't it fascinating how God hallows water by His Word to make it a cleansing water to baptize us? Water typology throughout Scripture is always so beautiful, from Creation to Revelation river flowing from the Throne of God and of the Lamb.

elizabeth said...

Your welcome! Yes, S, the typeology of water is so important. Yea for typeology!

I am sorry to hear of your tears. You have my love and are still on my prayer wall, under my icon shelf.