Thursday, July 02, 2009

Answers are along time coming

It has been nearly 3 months since I lost my job.
Time flies as they say.
I am now researching French courses to see if I can get funding
to learn French full time.
I have money coming in through unemployment until the first of the year.
I have heard nothing about the job contract.
I am trying to trust God,
to deflect crazy thoughts
which come
most readily
when I feel unsettled.
I fail and get up again, and again and again.
Tonight I am having a few friends over
for food, poetry and tea.
I hope to have another literary party later,
when my (old calendar) Apostles Fast is over.
My lease is up in October; I try not to worry about this.
I am learning that obeying God is through listening and doing what He says.
Yes, I know, obvious,
but it struck me the other day
as the command for obedience. Do not worry.
Your Father knows...
Prayers appreciated.


Pres. Kathy said...

You are in our prayers. I hope you enjoy your time with your friends. Trust in God and everything will work out.

Mimi said...

The time with friends sounds fabulous, enjoy. And prayers.

(my verification word: hipwrik - I can come up with a few definitions for that one)

E Helena E said...

My prayers continue. It is a long wait indeed.

elizabeth said...

Thank you for your prayers and comments!

Yes, Pres. Kathy, I am seeking to trust God. I really appreciate your reminders to do so.

Thanks Mimi - hip wink or a wrench in the hip come to mind for the vw

Thank you E-H. Yes, it does feel long...

One step at a time!

RW said...

continue to hope in the Lord.
what other job possibilities are out there?

a ton of possibliities are open to you

you just need to discover them!

elizabeth said...

thanks RW; well. I studied and did a masters to be a librarian and I would like to continue in this and build my carrer, at least for the next while.

If I can get French funding I can get back into this with greater ease. (that and Ottawa is bilingual; even to work retail you often have to be bilingual).

I agree that I often have to remember that one never knows what will come up.

margi said...

You have my prayers.

elizabeth said...

Thank you Margi. I appreciate your prayers.

s-p said...

May this "wilderness wandering" time deepen your trust in God and a preparation for whatever comes, be it your hopes or something you cannot envision for your future.

elizabeth said...

Thanks S-P. Ironically a lot of my days (and it seems my summers) are wilderness times...

Thanks for your well wishes. They are appreciated.