Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Unpacking Do Not Worry

Suddenly the truth breaks;
Life is unpredictable; messy; unexplainable;
What does it mean to live in increasing ambiguity.
To live in the present moment,
not in the unknown future
not planning for what is not plannable.
French may not work out for me.
Today I found out that in Canada unemployment is taxed.
I will have less money than I thought.
Enough money to get by, but not to save.
What to do?
I do not know yet.
But I washed my dishes. Planned a meal.
Looked at a job description.
Disciplined my cat.
Am praying at church today.
Making a list of all the many things I need to do.
Controlling my future is no longer on my list.
That is on God's list.
I can only do what is on my list and in my capacity.
Do not worry
has to be on the top of my list.


E Helena E said...

How true.
Your photo here is apt.

elizabeth said...

Yes. Thanks E-H. I am glad you caught why I put this picture with it...

RW said...

will continue to pray.

elizabeth said...

Thank you very much RW. We are saved by each other's prayers.

margaret said...

Exactly. A reasonable 'to do' list is good. Doing God's job is not.

Now I need to make my own 'to do' list. And stop second-guessing decisions that are my Bishop's to make.

I am too much of a wimp, however, to discipline my cats.

elizabeth said...

:) Yeah. Sometimes I do not discipline my cat well and ask forgiveness.

My Godmother said it well years ago, 'oh, that's for them to worry about.'

It is freeing to realize we do not need to second guess or control what is not ours to mess with.