Monday, July 13, 2009

Note to Self

When the newly washed blender parts are dry,
put the ring, then the blade and then screw the back in.
I often get this wrong, and do not understand how the blade will not fall out.
Simple to fix, simple to do. It is all about remembering the proper order.
I so often forget the ordering of the world.
I still find the world as we know it to be in part, irrational,
but God is still in charge of the world.
This is the proper ordering of a world that is so disordered.
God. God's love. The call towards humility.
The help of the Saints.
The faith to believe that, in spite of tragedy, or even,
within tragedy,
is God and His love, the Saints and their support.
That somehow it is all going to be okay.
Note to my soul: remember this.


E Helena E said...

a great analogy and photo!

elizabeth said...


RW said...

life is full of challenges
we have had our share this weekend.

and then our Horst leaves us.

focus changes completely.

thinking of you.

elizabeth said...


yes. life is full of challenges. God is good to us, to refocus us;

I am very touched to be thought of.

Am thinking of all of you as you do the funeral. Orthodox funerals have been for me the highest most properly good way to grieve.

margi said...

I thought this was a clever photograph of a flower until I looked a second time!

elizabeth said...

:) Yes, it is actually a very sharp set of flower shaped blades!