Monday, July 27, 2009

How to make decisions

A few months ago I was talking with a good friend

about how he is learning to make decisions.

It is hard, he said, but now he sees

that one has to sense if one has

peace about the decision

or the direction

to be taken.

I get a sense of peace and joy

from taking pictures.

And I have always loved flowers.

The Dutch do, you know, love flowers.

My heritage is fully Dutch

(And American, Canadian).

That said....

I must hereby acknowledge
that the idea of making cards
or trying to sell my pictures as art
is not what I need to do right now.
I felt only discord and overwhelment within myself.
BUT I am really grateful that it is now clear
that you all love my pictures.
I love them too.
I love taking them. I love sharing them.
And maybe someday there will be a time
for me to make cards.
For now, I am going to continue to blog,
continue taking pictures
and will seek to continue to love.
Again, my thanks to you all.


Mimi said...

When you make a decision that makes you feel at peace, it is a very good thing. I'm glad you are there.


elizabeth said...

Thanks Mimi. Yes. It is not that I am fully closing this door, it is just not what I have to do first right now... :)

marga said...

The flower shop near me gets its deliveries every day straight from Holland. When I was little I used to see these trucks and think Holland must be just one huge flower bed!

elizabeth said...

Marga - That's really neat - thanks for telling me this story!

Meadowlark Days said...

I'm glad you feel peaceful about your decision. And yes, keep taking photos!

E Helena E said...

Glad also that you have peace about the photos and your blog. They bring joy and hope.

elizabeth said...

Thanks K! Yes, I will keep taking photos.

Thanks E-H - I am trying to make a point of doing just that, by and in God's mercy only.