Monday, July 27, 2009

I feel suprisingly encouraged

So it has been a bit of a rough go.

Unemployment and unknown future -

they are hard for me to deal with at times.

Sometimes "at times" feels like "all the time."


I have learned something again today,

even in the past hour of today.

First, people care about me.

Just wanted to mention the obvious that I sometimes forget.

Thank you to those in the blog world

who also remind me of this

on a regular basis.

Second, I just did a cover letter and job application.

I submitted it.


And you know what?

I really learned a lot in my last job.
It was a rough go and losing it was really painful.
But as I was writing my experiences
for an online form,
I remembered what I did
and how I loved it.
Stressful sometimes, but on the other hand,
I really loved everything I did.
I love being a librarian.
I would really like to be a librarian again.


RW said...

It is good you are able to clarify your thoughts. I am glad you still want to be a librarian.

elizabeth said...

Yes. Thanks RW.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Asking the prayers of our holy Mother amongst the Saints, Xenia of St Petersburg, that you may find the job you truly wish for.....

Mimi said...

I agree, being able to clarify your thoughts is a huge part of this process, as painful as it is.

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Elizabeth! and yes Mimi, it is really good and yes it can be a painful process to figure this out.

Meadowlark Days said...

Good for you, sending out a resume!

The Bosom Serpent said...

I really enjoy your blog and rest assured I am only one of many. I find it inspiring watching/reading as you struggle through some of the very same issues I have to confront. My prayers are with you.

Michelle M. said...

I am relieved to hear that you are feeling encouraged. I so enjoy reading your blog, expressed with such honesty. My prayers continue for you.

elizabeth said...

Thank you K! Yes, it really is a good step... now I have to make more of them...

Thank you so much Nov. for your encouragment and words about my blog. It is very true that often we are encouraged by seeing others struggle through things.

Thank you so much also Michelle - it is such a blessing to know that you enjoy reading my blog. That really blesses my heart. Thank you.

Thank you ALL for your prayers. I am so blessed. Thank you and Thank God!