Monday, July 06, 2009

Various Things

So, it appears that the Canadian government wants to enforce bilingualism but not promote funded training to learn French. Right. I may be able however to keep my unemployment and pay for the French classes myself. This leads to more questions and no immediate answers.

I have been listening to French CBC radio tonight and some lovely jazz it was. Listened also to Enya on youtube. Happy music.

God is constantly reminding me of His care. I ran into one of priests I know last night walking home; my friend was home this morning after the disappointing French news and we went grocery shopping; I ran into a Church friend in the mall (I was using it a short cut home).

This week I am going to go to IKEA; I am getting a curtain rod so I can hang up the curtains I bought long ago. I have various errands and need to do some more job searching.

I admit I feel on a wild ride, careening between a sense of despair, a sense of God's love, a hint of reckless adventuring and a strong desire to drive a car really really fast (this means about 80-85 mph in my world).

This probably means I need to be still inwardly...

The Lord and His mercy must be the still centre within us.


Victoria said...

I know it's too late for this summer,but next summer, you are definitely eligible for the Explore program. (I was only enrolled in one course the whole year and I got it).
it's federally funded, mainly for students, but they have a ton of bursaries that are never taken every year.
you should apply.

Victoria said...

here's the link: EXPLORE

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

We have similar problems here in Wales. Much is being done to promote the use of the Welsh language, yet Welsh courses are decreasing in number in my area, and increasing in price. So much so that I have not been able to progress onto the next course in my series due to the cost..... yet many jobs in the public sector now specify at least some knowledge of Welsh as a requirement.

My prayers for you !