Friday, July 24, 2009

Today In Pictures

I had a very cute two year old visit today.

The bear is hers, the bunnies happen to be mine.

They stay on a shelf, waiting for children to visit; it was fun to share them!

The sun and the rain - again.

It rained suddenly and furiously tonight.

I love rain at night when I am home.

I love watching the rain dance on the street

and how it looks in different kinds of light.

Taking these pictures filled me with joy;
this is why I take pictures.
For the love and beauty of what I see around me.
It is becoming an inner discipline,
to become aware of the beauty of the everyday.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I love the car headlights in the rain ! Awesome !

RW said...

I liked this post.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I really liked this picture as well!

Thanks RW.

E Helena E said...

Me too...I like this combination of photos! Am glad you are finding this daily joy and inner discipline.

elizabeth said...

thanks E-H... it is so important...