Saturday, July 18, 2009

Outward Progression

My Georgia O'Keeffe poster, after 14 years waiting,

is framed and hung in my living room.

The two black and white prints

were done by my brother

some years prior.

I finally saw more trees and water.

By happy happenstance,

I was at a wonderful two year old's birthday celebration;

birds, water and water slides.

It was a perfect evening
after a beautiful day of sunshine.
I am thankful.
On another note,
I have another meeting about French training
and am working on a few different cover letters.
I am praying that the sense of renewed hope,
that is slowly growing in me,
will stay awhile.


E Helena E said...

It sounds like a day of joy.
Your place really is a home now.
Prayers for the hope.

RW said...

It is a good feeling to put up art on the walls.

elizabeth said...

E-H: Yes. It was a day of joy. And yes, it is shocking to feel like I actually have an 'adult home' as it were!

Now I need to have another party... Thanks very much for the prayers!

RW - yes. it is such a good feeling. I love looking up from my chair and seeing it. Art is important...