Monday, September 06, 2021

Holiday Monday ~ Baking and Roasting

Well, today was one busy day!
The following was accomplished:
~Roasted one turkey breast (butter and bay's seasoning 
on the skin, baked according to this recipe and used my 
toaster oven cookie sheet with foil on top, worked 
great! Note to self: use the extra large foil!
~Baked a double batch of vegan cranberry muffins
~Baked a pizza
~took off stickers from books
~dishes, dishes and MORE dishes
~two loads of dishwasher dishes 
~talked to my Mom twice
~talked to a friend
~learned tragic news of someone in my broader world
who I know but have mostly lost contact with (I can't 
even write it but it's this great tragedy) and clearly 
I am praying for all involved. Whew. 😢😢😢
~ordered groceries this morning for turkey casserole 
recipe HERE as I forgot a bunch of the ingredients
~wrote a card to my Great Aunt P. 
~wrote this blog post
I pray that each of you knows that Lord cares for you.
And that despair is always too early, ALWAYS.
May the Lord have mercy on us always, now and 

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Granny Marigold said...

You had an amazingly productive day. I sure didn't but I may be coming down with a cold. I can't figure out where I could have picked up any cold germs with wearing my mask whenever I go out and washing my hands compulsively when I get home.