Tuesday, September 14, 2021

My Goodness, Tuesday Evening Already


Church this morning.
Took lightrail, taxi wanted 20 to 30 dollars,
usually it's about 7.  It was so beautiful this morning,
I was relieved to be out of the house and in the wide open
air and sun... 
liturgy was beautiful.
Back home before lunch.
Lunch, phone meeting, reading, cleaning,
dinner making, reading, folding towels,
did two loads of laundry and groceries delivered.
I thought I had taken out the leftover turkey I roasted
but it was the leftover skin and bones.  So I had eggs,
my Husband does not mind eatting meat off of bone.
When I am not well physically, eveything is harder.
I remember when I broke my ankle, how hard
it was for my Husband to do it alone.
I had a massage on Saturday it helped with my pain.
But I don't have a proper chair for where I sit by 
my chromebook so I can't sit long and so am behind
on everything, including emails. 
I go to a new PT place tomorrow and talk to my
actual doctor the day after, in NYC.
I am so excited DV for NYC.
I hope to go to Tea and Sympathy for lunch.
Then, if I can, to my library and the MET.
We will see as I am improving but don't know how much yet.
I did dishes tonight, my dishwasher is running, the counter is clear,
dishrack is full of drying dishes.
This makes me feel like tomorrow will start out a little better.
God bless you all, 
may the Lord have mercy on us and 
save us!


Granny Marigold said...

I hope you feel well enough to actually enjoy your trip to NYC.

pleximama said...

Praying for your health to improve and your visit to NYC!