Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Tuesday: A Feast Day at Home

I stayed home today (today is the celebration of Jesus' Mother's birth) because I had a bad night's sleep and a lot of sciatica pain.  BUT, God willing, I am moving forward.  I am going to PT tomorrow and I have been very impressed with their communication with me so far, better than any I have had before. 

My Husband got me this cute plant that Shoprite calls Mum Buddy 8 :)  It's cute, colourful and cheerful! He also got me IKEA gingersnaps with almond!  So we can have tea times in the afternoon, which makes me also very happy!  And we got some Billy bookshelves with doors (the half size, not as tall) that Mr Husband hopes to assemble later in October when he has an extra day off.  So that's really exciting!  It felt like a gift as the doors were out of stock and suddenly they had 3 in stock which was exactly what we needed! 

He also had me order takeout to eat tomorrow. 

My PT appt is in the morning.

My older lady friend my local priest visited and she does not sound like she is improving.  She is on my mind so very much. 

I can tell I am a bit in grief, not only because of my friend but because I can't do the ride to my far-away church and have not seen my friends.  I watched Perry Mason today and that tells me everything (grief etc).  Patience is needed.  And thanksgiving. 

I did not dare go swimming as the water has been cold but my Husband said it was getting warmer so if it is still warm I may go for a little while tomorrow later on.  We will see.  

But I am trying to honour God and to trust Him in all things.  I find Elizabeth Goudge's novels and the lessons of how to be a Christian in suffering so real and such a help. 

God bless you all dear ones! Each and every one! 


Granny Marigold said...

I like the plant your husband picked for you. It's truly beautiful. Nice of him to bring cookies too. I was wanting some cookies today so I baked some. They're thin, crispy, and have just a hint of lemon. I thought I should have grated more of the peel but middle son assured me they were just right. I'm sure glad for my children being around a lot. I'm missing my DH ( he will return on Thursday, so it's not long.)

karen said...

praying for your pain as always! I look forward to the stay home days but I don't end up getting much of anything done~~