Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Wednesday: Progress, Prayers and Tears

I went to PT today.
I think it was good. I will know more
as time goes on.  
So my older lady friend from our local church
is dying, I hope to see her tomorrow
but I don't know if she will make it through the night.
My Husband got this Akathist,
 out to pray
and it was a great comfort.
I've had tears today; I knew things were bad;
I realized that I knew she was dying because I was 
coping by watching Perry Mason.
Like when I knew Cleo was dying and it was so painful
that I watched Perry Mason; 
I guess my coping mechanisms are lighting candles,
prayer, Perry Mason, painting sometimes, prayer and 
the times when I feel my friend's pain very strongly;
like this morning I woke up as if I was being pulled by it,
she was the first thing I thought of once I was pulled into
some sort of consciousness. 
It's hard; I would love to bake when facing someone's death but
because of my back pain that is out at the moment.
Anyway, it all is as it is
and that Akathist was wonderful; it's a dazzeling beautfiful
faith-filled poem and to read it is really to be brought past the pain
into the victory of Christ and that Christ is with us.
Well, if you are the praying type, please pray
that I sleep tonight so that I can see my friend,
if she is still with us, tomorrow morning.
Even if she is just sleeping as it were, I will bring my Psalter
and other prayers to read out loud to her.
If I am OK, I hope to go to NYC in the later afternoon.
But we will see how the day goes.
My Husband will be in NYC and if I can, it would be good
for me to join him tomorrow but we will see.
God bless you all dear ones,
and give you His peace!

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