Wednesday, September 08, 2021

Wednesday: Change of Plans


So, there was enough possibity of rain that we 
changed our plans for tomorrow.  
I wrote this earlier:
OK. So a good chance of rain tomorrow on our anniversary.  We were going to go to the Cloisters and have a picnic lunch and dinner.  But the stress of unknown rain amounts (we even have a flash flood warning in our town) meant that we have decided to try for next week for the outing instead when the weather will be better.  Tomorrow I am, instead, going to have a mental health day (I am exhausted, bad sleeps this week and busy days) and we have some great discounts with Uber Eats so we are going to get takeout tomorrow so it's still a nice anniversary.  The sliced beef roast and buns I put in the freezer already.  I had begun packing our really nice (gifted) food bag for picnics with non-perishable things and will just put that in our closet for the time being.
Well, that's that.
I am really tired so keeping this short.
The one thing I would love to do tomorrow, well,
two things are:
1. change out my table cloth
2. Fluff up my fabric blue flowers for our pretty Delft vase.
I have my first full (6 guests) dinner party this Sunday.
I am keeping it simple but also very glad that I have
a crockpot!  
I bought the Anne of Green Gables DVDs
today and am so thrilled.
And a new mystery book I've been wanting! 
The picture is our lunch/dinner and food for Saturday too!
My Husband too me out after our eye doctor appointments.
My cataract is noticably worse and is impacting the vision
in my right eye.  I've never had it where I literally could not
see letters when asked to, only a white screen.
I think my right eye right now is 20/30.
Anyway, surgery down the line but it will have more
risk because of the retina issues I have.
Not today or tomorrow's worry so I will do my best
to let that rest in the hands of God 
knowing that He cares for me and for all of us.
Lord bless and keep you!


Granny Marigold said...

Sorry your plans had to be changed. I hope you have a lovely day any way.

Lisa Richards said...

Hope you had a good and relaxing day today! Prayers for your eye issues and I'm glad you've decided not to worry about it! :)

pleximama said...

A friend recently had cataract surgery and was telling me that she didn't realize how much the cataract was affecting not just her vision, but her mental health. Praying for your physical and mental well-being, and asking for St. Paraskevi's intercessions for your eyes.