Wednesday, September 29, 2021

A Beautiful Day for Larissa's Funeral + Mercy

Larissa's funeral was attended by her dear friend, myself, Mr Husband, and K from church; our priest and his wife did the service itself.  It was sung beautifully and the memory eternal (a song towards the end) was sung in a very loving sing-song like melody that sounded very old and very dear and intimate; not a setting I had heard before.  The sun was shining with a brillant blue sky and cool tempatures.  Afterwards we went to A. B. back near church for dinner; Larissa's dear friend and my Husband and myself.  We talked a lot about Patrick too, as Larissa's estate needs to be concluded and we were involved in Patrick's estate and have experience with it.  

Larissa is now buried next to her parents.  In 2014 when we buried her Mother, Mat Tatiana, the leaves were golden; the leaves were mostly green this time; I was so glad to be there. 

Earlier this week we realized that we really can't go to the VNA rummage sale as we had long hoped.  We concluded that it is just too risky with the pandemic and I am very much at peace about that.  

I had been hoping to find especially 2 items there, a small cake pan and some pretty salad plates.  So earlier this week I got plates, beautiful ones, from Etsy and also my new 6 inch cake pan.  The pan came earlier this week and the plates, which were to come today, came yesterday.  It was a comfort to have them, beauty always lightens and comforts me.  

My cousin H said that, when I texted her a picture of my new plates, they had blue rose plates when she was growing up; that seems very familar to me; I remember our visits to Ontario and her home back then... 

I got the pansy plate to match +Patrick's teacup that I got from his kitchen when he died.  It matches so well, I am really happy to have this.  

The 2nd of September marked 4 months before I turn 45.  Time goes so quickly.  I started this blog before I was 30 years old! I think I was 28... what a difference in age is that! 

I remember Larissa, when she came to our home for Thanksgiving in 2018, saying how she used to be able to do stairs easily; old age and the infirmities that she felt were very hard for her.  Her Mother lived much longer than she did; I think at first she was expecting to have the same trajectory but she was not as strong.  And she had no living family to stay for.  It was a blessing that she is no longer suffering; when I last saw her she was bright and at peace.  I will always be glad I was able to read those prayers.  

Doing the prayers was the one of the few things that I felt that I was really supposed to do; a lot of daily life seems not as clear; but those prayers, they were as clear as the clearest lake where you see into the depths. 

God bless you all and keep you in His care!


Granny Marigold said...

I'm glad you got the lovely plates ( a bright spot in a sad week). All the plates are lovely but my fav. would be the pansy one. At one time I collected American Beauty Rose set but I only kept one plate. That's the one with the pink roses

karen said...

may she rest in peace. Lovely plates!!