Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Day Before (the Funeral)


Tomorrow is Larissa's funeral.  At 10.  We will be there before to help set up and make sure all is well.  We are slowly praying this beautiful Akathist for Larissa, Akathist to Jesus Christ For a Loved One Who has Fallen Asleep.  If you pray for the departed and don't know of this particuar resource, I highly recommend it.  It's helped me numerous times grieve in hopeful, healthy ways.  

I have gotten the house clean.  I made a lovely small 6 inch vegan chocolate cake.  I will try to share pictures later.  I don't have them downloaded yet on my chromebook to do so. 

I am still having some hip/leg pain issues (and was not able to go to PT this week for various reasons) so if you pray for me, please pray for me with the funeral and cemetary.  It's going to be at least 4 hours between being early and by the time we have lunch outside at a resturant after the funeral.  I know one thing.  It will be a holy precious time and I am so so glad we can go to Larissa's funeral.  I can't tell you how glad. 

May God have mercy on us all and save us! 


Tracy said...

Dear Elizabeth! I am so very sad and sorry to hear that your friend passed away... :( And very sorry to hear about your pain issues. I hope you will be OK for the funeral. I'm sorry not to have left you a note here in so long. What summer it's been and how time and life things continue to be very up-down--such is life! Blessings, my friend ((HUGS))

karen said...

praying for you and your travels.

Granny Marigold said...

I hope all went as well as it could on this sad day.