Saturday, September 11, 2021

Quickly on a Saturday evening before it turns to Sunday morning


A lot did not go as planned this week!
No anniversary picnic; it rained; and I ended up
at a medical appt because of what is most likely 
sciatica. Not what I figured would happen at 44 years of age;
actually it was happening at least at 43 but it got a bit
worse this week so everything changed course; 
I am looking at PT now in the future and more appts.
It's not debilitating pain but was worsening to the point
where I could not ignore it.
So I was going to have a meal tomorrow
but we had to postpone that too; it's a lot of work to 
do a meal right, even when you have learned many ways
to make things simple.
I have not even changed my summer tablecloth yet
nor tidied much.
My Husband has been helping with dishes; I am having
very hot baths to try to feel better.  Boy am I so
BLESSED to have my Husband and also good medical
insurance.  We may redo the picnic in about a month's time
if the weather is good; I even know what date I would pick for it.
We are going to eat some of the food that I got meanwhile
and that is a very cheery thing; simple sandwiches that are easy
to make sounds like just the thing right now.
My Husband gave me two books for our anniversary!
(He got some minatures for his gift, a knight on foot and another
warrior on horseback; but he does not want me to share 
pictures so that's that.)
Mr Husband has also put up some more pictures in his office
and in our hallway and I am very pleased with the progress.
I am hoping to redo the meal we had planned for early October on the
Sunday before Canadian Thanksgiving.
I am quite relieved not to have it now as it became too much 
for me to do but I really feel I have a good path forward
and learning some stretches will help greatly and 
I will be more functioning again.
Also lesson learned, I think, of giving myself more space in the week
to prepare for a meal.  This week ended up
being too crowded so that when I suddenly had a flare in my 
lower back and an unexpected medical appt, it put me
behind in such a way that doing the meal would have
only done me in instead of being that which I most love to do.
I am dreaming of that meal still to come and also
wishing for a fun tea party at my house one day,
I know some of my NJ friends would love that.
So I am feeling quite glad about things.
Anyway, thanks if you read this long and God bless and keep you!


Granny Marigold said...

I'm sorry that you're afflicted with sciatica which I've heard can be very painful. But I also have read that it does get better and I'm hoping that is what will happen for you. Take care of yourself. GM

Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth, I am so sorry to hear you are suffering from sciatica. It can definitely limit your daily activities. I suffered from it in my mid-thirties after lifting my daughter the wrong way out of her crib and wrenching my back. While it took time, it did eventually heal. Praying your body will respond quickly and positively to therapy and you can look forward to some lovely meals and tea parties as we transition into Fall.

Lisa Richards said...

Sorry to hear about your back pain! I've been having a stiff neck for several days, but not as painful as what you're experiencing. I'm glad you're being positive about all the changes of plans. What great books your hubby chose! God bless and prayers for a speedy healing! :)

karen said...

praying you are pain free and and healed! Sciatica pain is the WORST.

Lisa said...

I had a bout of sciatica when I was around twenty, so I guess it can come at any age. Mine wasn't so bad, and they told me to take aspirin. I hope yours doesn't continue too long! :)

Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

Oh much sympathy, sciatica is the worst. Nil desperandum, mine was so debilitating for ages but - even that got better. Rest rest rest, gentle movement especially when starting a movement or changing direction, not too long at once sitting/ standing/ walking, and applied warmth like hot water bottle if it feels good. This is counter to a lot of 'push through' advice that PTs often give, but - just don't do things that hurt! Do find out the root cause/location if possible, it makes a big difference to what therapy works (and what may be counterproductive). That's all my unsolicited advice ;) Perastika, prayers for a gentle and speedy recovery.