Thursday, September 23, 2021

Thursday: Peace and Pain are two threads of the same beautiful tapestry


I saw my older lady friend again today.  I painte the above picture while listenting to last Saturday vespers at my Ottawa parish.  My older church friend: She rallied; was much better than yesterday; she was alert, able to drink (I brought her holy water), had a bit of lunch even.  I prayed with her, Psalms including Psalm 23, 40, 121 and others.  I prayed the Akathist to the Protection of the Mother of God and I prayed some of the Akathist to Jesus Conquer of Death and also a small bit I read to her of my most favourite book, The Scent of Water by Elziabeth Goudge.  I told her how Mr Husband bought me flowers and cookies.  How we hoped to go to NYC for dinner (that did not happen, a storm did instead, Mr Husband came home about 5:20).  She was aware and it was like we were having a real conversation, while she could not really speak; I told her many times that I loved her and I could tell esp once that she was saying 'I love you too' back.  Her eyes were much more peaceful.  I don't know if this is the rally that is shortly before death or if she has more time; lots of taking it a day at a time.  Her dear friend is doing everything for her (they are like family; my dying friend has none other than us).  I told her that she is one of the first things/first persons who I think of when I wake up and that we are praying for her throughout the day.  I was so glad to see her more at peace.  I pray for a peaceful, sinless painless death for her.  

I was thinking earlier today how much God loves this lady; she is the priest's daugther whose Mom we just buried 7 years ago; I wrote about that beautiful funeral HERE.  She was nearly 100 I think.  My lady friend is now in her earlier 80s; she was not strong but when she broke her hip, everything went down hill.  

Reading about the funeral for her Mother actually helped me remember the bright hope we have in Christ. So did the Akathist that I mentioned yesterday that I read parts of today with my friend.  
My friend who is now dying was at our house only a few years ago at the biggest Thankgiving Feast that I have done so far, I wrote about that HERE and HERE.  It was such a blessing to have her in our home and to share Thanksgiving with us in 2018.  

I felt quite tired after leaving; I was there over 2 hours; I talked with the Chaplin for a good bit; prayed a lot; helped her eat a little.  I left when her favourite aid came to help her eat more.  I hope to see her Saturday if God wills and she is with us (etc). 

I am still having some pain but the good news is that I like my new PT person and exercises and go back tomorrow.  My Mom and Dad are with my Aunt H and are visiting family in Ontario, first time since the pandemic began; I am very happy for them!  

I felt quite gutted after the energy I expended praying with my friend and talking with her.  I was glad to see her 'perked up' as it were, with eyes more at peace.  

Well, that's all I can write at the moment.  These feel like treasured days.  Like I am so aware of how my home, my Husband and how wonderful our life together is and how it is because of our life together that I can expend myself to serve my older lady church friend who is so dear to me. 

God bless you, each and every one. 

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Martha said...

Same thing happened to my father, broken hip and everything went downhill after, but like you, I read Pslams (so uplifting, a balm, for both the dying and caring), talked and didn't get much response, but recognized the little things. Lord have mercy on us all.