Saturday, September 30, 2017


Today was a bit of everything;
I cleaned/put things away.
The HARD that we are going through
(sorry I can't say more, thank God it is not a 
relational problem or anyone dying but I can't say more
than that)
was stressing me out a bit for part of the day; 
but there were many good parts; 
I talked to my sister-friend for about 2 minutes but just hearing her voice
quickly was a blessing.
I am reading the just-out Jan Karon book and am savouring it;
I am still re-reading L'Engle's swiftly tilting planet which I feel is often
a yearly re-read... 
I had tea and cookies; Mr Husband and I polished off the steak dinner
I got on Thursday; it lasted 4 meals! 
I went to our local grocery store after vespers, got some 
homemade chicken soup, watermelon, some really nice bread and
a small bit of a Smokey Gouda cheese for when my parents are here....
Our trip to Holland was a year ago and, once I got over the rough beginning,
I have so many good memories of; someday I would love to share more of 
what I saw there; life has just not allowed for this yet...
I had a super hot bath with bubbles and lovely citrus bath soap; 
and it was wonderful to go to Confession tonight, can't tell you
enough of how much of a gift bringing all those burdens, struggles and sins
to the Lord in Confession and being FORGIVEN!... ; 
it is new calendar the Feast of Holy Protection tomorrow 
and I LOVE this feast...
I realized when I was in the cab home 
from the store that I forgot the one thing
I was meaning to get: more distilled water for our diffuser, etc...
So I ordered that and a few other things for the week from our 
grocery service and that will come Monday... along with an 
amazon order ....tomorrow I hope to prepare the
 pork-roast that is on the roaster to make on Monday ,
and I really want to roast vegetables on Monday as well...
thankfully I am getting help Monday for a final house-cleaning before my 
parents come (more that house needs it than that my parents demand it,
trust me, my Mom already told me she would help me fold the mountain
of laundry I have right now!)....
so it will be busy but foot is still on the mend and 
tends to protest after what it thinks of as "too much walking"
even if it is just laundry/kitchen cleaning/living and dining room cleaning.
So I have been thinking of the delicious European chocolate yeast bread I had 
this past summer and found this recipe and YEP, would LOVE to make it!
This week though I was given a sweet bread with lots in it and so nice
to have something special to share with my parents that is freshly made!
May the Lord bless and help all of us who are
struggling with various burdens in our lives...

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