Monday, September 25, 2017

oh Monday, really did you have to be so "Monday"?

This was my trying-to-salvage a not-that-great Monday Morning
during lunch; computer woes; sleeping woes; foot woes; messy house woes.
I am holding on to this fact:
My Husband and I were prayed for during liturgy yesterday.
That meant so much.
My Husband knew I was about as limp as a newly wet dish rag, 
so he took me out to our favourite diner for dinner.
I had beef and mashed potatoes.
Back home he had to do more work, poor man.
Now it is time for bed.
Tomorrow is a NYC day.
I really hope it is a peaceful one.


Lilly's Mom said...

Christ is in our midst....I prayer that you will regain your strength. My best wishes to you. Pat xx

Gloriade said...

Oh but your fall flower arrangement is just lovely. Praying God will get you through these hard times.

GretchenJoanna said...

The peace of God to you! And now, it is almost Friday! :-)