Saturday, September 23, 2017

A belated Hobbit Day

I made seed cake for the first time! 
It was lovely, still warm with butter melting into it and honey!
I also made a lemon poppy seed cake!
The seed cake is the round one; the lovely tins
I used to bake them in are from +Patrick's home and 
I treasure them very much. 
My Beloved Husband brought home the cute little 
cookies with chocolate centres for our belated Hobbit Day
(yesterday was Bilbo and Frodo's birthdays according to 
Shire reckoning)... 
we had a nice Hobbit "elevensies"....
Cleo got extra milk also!
Well, the rest of the day was mainly spent reading the end of the last
books in the Lord of the Rings
The end moved me deeply, even to tears.
I had last read it 17 years ago and I think I got perhaps more
out of it this read than last; December 2000 seems a few life times ago for me!
My foot is having a hard time still, paining me I guess you would say.
I am thinking very much of dear friends who are suffering.
So much of this in the world.
Yet there are also beautiful books like Tolkien's and
Hobbit day and seed cakes and most of all:


Lilly's Mom said...

Your cakes look amazing. They turned out so beautiful. How nice to have special keepsakes from your dear friend Patrick. I do hope your foot gets better. Don't over do it. Hugs, Pat

Lisa said...

Seed cake! I've never had it, nor made it. Yet. :)

Tracy said...

A seed cake! I've never had that, or baked one...well, not a great fan of caraway seed, but I'll try anything once. Lemon poppy seed--YUM! Being Tolkien fans, we like our elevensies too! I think regular readings of Lord of the Rings does move the heart more and more with each reading. Heavy going on the heart, but we must always be hopeful. :) Cleo looks like she's getting read to help with those Billy shelves. ;) Be taking good care there... Hope your foot feels better! With Love, In Christ ((HUGS))